Style & Philosophy

Relax! Your VIP treatment begins the moment you enter our elegant studio.

Our studio, an upscale New York style loft adds to the atmosphere that says “this is first-class all the way!” Gorgeous portraits adorn the walls and soft music sets a relaxing tone. Our dressing suite offers useful amenities (blow dryers, curling irons, hair products, etc.) to help make your exciting portrait experience a complete success.

Our spacious state of the art camera room is designed ‘in the round’ so that all walls provide unique background opportunities. Our gorgeous gallery and consultation area may also be incorporated into the images giving many of your portraits the feel of being photographed in an elegant home. Our large bank of north light windows offers the opportunity for breathtaking light that only nature can provide. Amazing specialty vignettes or ‘sets’ have been created to give your RomanticGlimpses session wonderful variety and a beautiful and unique style.

Your RomanticGlimpses portraits will be "unveiled" in our cozy mulit-media theater room. This type of presentation is designed to help you choose your favorite images and place your order. You can come by yourself, bring someone special or anyone you’d like to help you make your selection decisions.

Oh and by the way, we guarantee our work 100%. If you're not thrilled with your portraits, we'll re-shoot or refund every penny! You are going to LOVE your boudoir portraits!

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