About Us

Jeffrey and Jamie Brown have owned and operated INCOGNITO Portrait Design (RomanticGlimpses) for 29 years. Creating beautiful works of art for each of their exclusive clientele is the passion that drives this dynamic duo.

Jeffrey, a graduate of the prestigious New York Institute of Photography, combines his many years of portrait design experience with his ability to instantly put his clients at ease. Along with his wife Jamie, they carefully blend art, romance and each client's personal tastes into amazingly beautiful images!

The unique RomanticGlimpses experience has grown out of our desire to provide our wonderful female clients with a photographic opportunity that is unlike any other.

As a husband and wife team, we wanted to create a place where a woman would feel safe, comfortable and confident that her best interests were always put first.

We envisioned a cozy relaxed atmosphere where you would feel special, cared for and attended to by artists who not only understand any apprehensions you may have but who take great pride in making you look and feel your absolute best.

Today, RomanticGlimpses is that place where any concerns about size, shape or age would be banished by the thrill of the experience and our unmatched skills in creating portraits which truly flatter!

Indeed, RomanticGlimpses has truly become the preferred destination where women can embrace everything they are and explore their romantic and passionate side through sensual portrait photography by RomanticGlimpses.

Whether creating an incredible once-in-a-lifetime wall portrait or designing and producing a one off Designer Coffee Table book, the beautiful portraits of RomanticGlimpses never fail to thrill!

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